We offer cremation glass memorial jewelry.  The beautiful lampwork glass beads are handmade in our studio with compassion.  A small amount of cremated remains are infused into the molten glass as it is wound on the mandrel creating a beautiful piece of memorial art as unique as your loved one.   Each piece is individually commissioned and created

The first memory bead I made was with my son, Dylan's, cremated remains.  I didn't know if the glass would be compatible with the cremated remains or if it would break as soon as it came out of the annealing kiln.  The first bead was a little rough but I put it on a chain around my neck and was amazed at the sense of peace I felt wearing it.  I was surpristed how many times a day I would touch it and feel a sense of Dylan with me.

We hope that the memorials provide you as much comfort and joy as they have us and the families we have served.  Read about others experiences in Testimonies.

Dolly creating a bead
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